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Vehicle GPS Tracking Systems
Vehicle GPS Tracking Systems
Autonomous GPS-tracker for cargo shipment monitoring Voyager 5N
In order to find out where your cargo is (containers, railway cars, road trains, etc.) and make sure it is safe, you can use state-of-the-art modern satellite tracking devices, such as the Voyager 5N GPS tracker, which comes in a tamper-proof, dust- and moisture resistant casing.
Independent sealed GPS tracker Voyager 6N
A fully independent and sealed GPS-tracker, also known as a ‘beacon’ or ‘bug’, is designed to determine a vehicle’s location in the event of theft.
GPS tracker “Voyager 2N-T” for integration with "Atol Drive 5" tachograph
Voyager 2N-Ò is an expansion module for the Atol Drive5 tachograph based on the Voyager 2N GPS tracker, the flagship among the navigation equipment produced by Ritm. Install Voyager 2N-Ò and get all features of the satellite vehicle monitoring system plus the GEO.RITM software!
GPS tracker “Voyager 15” with video recording
Voyager-15 is useful when you need to locate your vehicle and get video feed from it. Using Voyager-15 with video cameras and 3G/4G modem will allow you to watch live video feed. Thus, owner or an authorized person can learn what’s going on with the vehicle.
Miniature GPS-tracker Voyager 4N for guarding and controlling the car
Compact device. Used for on-line transport monitoring in order to control the location and the route. Theft resist of the transport: following recommendation of the installation and tuning it will be practically impossible to indicate the tracker inside of the car.
Professional GPS-tracker Voyager 2N for fuel and routes control
Using Voyager 2N together with GEO.RITM system gives You possibility to decrease fuel expenses at 25-30%, increasing the profit of your business at the same moment. Economical effect of using Voyager 2N is based on the termination of the tricks with the fuel: realizing the imminence of revealing of fuel siphoning and underfilling, the drivers stop stealing, but management of transport enterprise will have the correct way for controlling the conditions of the tanks.