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Get maximum return
on your investment

To make sure your investment in the equipment stock yields positive results check out our expansion module. Install Voyager2N- and get all features of the satellite vehicle monitoring system plus the GEO.RITM software!

Starting April 1, 2015 and subject to Orders No. 36 and 273
of the Ministry of Transport of the RF tachograph installation
is mandatory for vehicles of the following categories:

  • buses of 2 and 3 categories used for passenger transportation;
  • vehicles of N3 category;
  • vehicles of N2 category.

A tachograph is an expensive unit. But location detection is not the main purpose of the device. Mainly it is intended for speed and driver work-rest ratio registration.

The Voyager2N- GLONASS/GPS tracker tracks vehicle location and receives data from external sensors but it doesnt register the work-rest ratio.

Only a combination of the two aforementioned devices
a tachograph and the Voyager2N- GPS tracker enables you
to get the work-rest ratio, quality tracks, and GEO.RITM analytical reports at the same time.

Automatically save
*.ddd files from the drivers card

When using tachographs the issue of gathering and storing data
on work-rest ratios from drivers cards is thrown into sharp relief. According to the legislation in place companies should gather this data from drivers at least once per 28 days and store it for one year.

The standard gathering method suggested by driver card manufacturers is to use a reader installed on the dispatcher system.

Automatic downloading of the *.ddd file with drivers work-rest ratio data using the Voyager2N- GLONASS/GPS tracker facilitates this process. The data is downloading with the drivers card inserted
in the tachograph. So there is no need to distract drivers from
their job.

Ensure vehicle intended use

Spend 20% less for maintenance and combustibles and lubricants
(even without installing fuel gauge units) by safeguarding
of equipment and preventing from writing false mileages in trip tickets. Voyager2N- provides you with all the information
you need.

The ride and parking report available in the GEO.RITM cloud-based software informs you on what the driver has been doing during their work hours, highlighting the routes, the actual mileage, all stops for unloading cargo, and the time spent
at parking lots, and showing whether the time of arrival
at waypoints was in line with the schedule or not.

Eliminate tank draining
and fraud

Reduce exorbitant fuel costs by 2530% and increase your business profits. To achieve this just connect Voyager2N- to your vehicle on-board computer available on most vehicles today, or to a fuel gauge unit. Configure your Voyager2N- to send fuel level data to the GEO.RITM system.

The fuel level report of the GEO.RITM system provides detailed data on fill ups, drains, and fuel consumption, the vehicles operation time at idle, as well as other parameters. For each detected fuel event,
the volume, time, location, and the address of drain/fill up are indicated.

Ensure drivers abidance
by traffic regulations
and increase safety

Decrease the number of road accidents with your employees
and decrease vehicle wear by 25%.

Using Voyager2N- together with the GEO.RITM system reveals drivers who tend to neglect traffic regulations. Whether
the allowed speed limit is exceeded a hard acceleration/deceleration occurs, or the vehicle comes into corner a little too abruptly. Voyager2N- uses the audio alarm to warn the drivers of risky operation and remind them
of the need to abide by traffic regulations.

The timeliness of this information allows the drivers to correct their driving style and decreases the number of road accidents.

Driver data and status

Voyager2N- allows you to see who is driving the vehicle and what exactly is the driver doing in the real time mode. No need to manually input data into software the drivers first and last name are transferred into the system from the drivers card.

GEO.RITM reports allow to view all vehicles drived by the driver at a given time and status of work breaks adhering prescribed by law.

Easy installation and remote configuration of device

Special pen case type body allows to install the tracker
into the integration connector of the Atol Drive 5 tachograph.
Device configuration and firmware updating may both
be done locally (using a USB cable) and remotely at any time making it unnecessary to take the vehicle off its trip or arranging a service engineer field trip.

You dont need any special software to configure the equipment the whole configuration procedure is done via the eu.ritm.ru service. All settings are saved to non-volatile memory
and are not reset even when the device is completely

Operation with third-party devices

Voyager2N- receives data on fuel level, operation
of equipment (engine, crane, scoop, etc.) and processes data
from the vehicles CAN bus.

Bare collector outputs allow Voyager2N- to control external devices, i.e. the remote engine lock.

The 1-Wire input enables to send data on external sensors temperature (i.e. refrigerator truck temperature) and access cards details (driver identification) to a satellite monitoring system.

Built-in black box and motion and anti-tamper sensor

The built-in non-volatile memory allows to store data on vehicle operation when it is out of GSM coverage and to transmit it later.

The accelerometer notifies GEO.RITM on unsafe deceleration
or acceleration.

Open EGTS protocol
and simultaneous data transmission to two servers

Voyager2N- submits data to its own server and the controlling structure server via open EGTS protocol (RNIC, RNIS).
Please note that in order to get a passenger and dangerous goods transportation license vehicles must be featured with a GLONASS monitoring system and transmit data
to Rostransnadzor Automated Monitoring and Supervision Centers (AMSCs).

Operation with free GEO.RITM software

Any registered user can monitor up to 3 vehicles at eu.ritm.ru or via the special Android app for free. Outfitting your vehicles with Voyager2N- devices is the only effective way to provide data on the drivers operation mode to the GEO.RITM software.

Satellite positioning

GPS/GLONASS antenna external


GSM (CSD, GPRS) 2 SIM-cards
GSM antenna external

Built-in sensors

Tamper +
Motion sensor +
Accelerometer +

Electric power supply

Replaceable battery BL-5C Li-Ion
(1020 mh)
External power supply connection 12/24 V
Device energy consumption 20-150 mA
(depending on mode)
Battery charging via Micro USB +


Universal inputs 2
Discrete inputs 4
Analogue inputs 2
"Open collector" outputs 2 (12/24 , 800 mA)
RS-232 +
RS-485 +
Touch Memory +
Communication device (PTT) +
Micro USB +

General specifications

Supports EGTS protocol Yes
Nonvolatile memory "black box" 150 000 points minimum
Configuration via Micro USB +
Exterior indicators "GPS signal"
"GSM 1 signal"
"GSM 2 signal"


Enclosure Protection Rating IP20
Overall dimensions 23x80x108mm
Weight 150 g
Operating temperature range -40...+85

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