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Video surveillance and security

Modern security and fire alarm device for streaming video from
4 cameras.

It is ideal for small facilities that require providing security as well as video surveillance of meeting rooms, sales points and ATM installation locations.

Using of Contact 15 with analog cameras, high-speed Internet or 4G-modem allows to provide streaming video to the GEO.RITM monitoring software in real time. So the property owner or
a security guard with access to the facility will see everything going on in the guarded facility. This allows:

  • to instantly assess the situation;
  • to make the right decision if dispatching of a rapid-response team is required;
  • to remotely control facilities.

You can watch Contact 15 video at any time directly via GEO.RITM.

Video recording

Contact 15 stores a video archive on an installed external recording device. If required you can access this archive video
at any time via the Internet or local network.

Besides general functions of security panels Contact 15 allows
to provide visual control of the guarded facility:

  • Continuous monitoring of situation inside premises with installed ATMs to improve security, stop vandalism and thefts, and provide anti-terrorism security;
  • Business operation control: remote assessing of staff operation;
  • Other tasks.

Security features

Contact 15 uses 32 wireless sensors manufactured by the Ritm company, 4 hardwired zones, and wireless Wi-Fi accessories
(a relay, a siren and an Exit display).

The radio system supports the following wireless sensors:

Hardwired zones operate with any dry contact type sensors.

Geolocation system (optional)

GPS/GLONASS external active antenna (SMA)
EGTS protocol support +

System capacity

Independent areas up to 8
Zones up to 36
User codes up to 128
Touch memory keys or Proximity cards up to 16
Keypads up to 10
Open collector outputs with state control 2

Wire intersystem

Hardwired zones up to 4
Keypads up to 5
Touch Memory controller +

Wireless intersystem

Wireless sensors up to 32
Wireless key fobs up to 32
Wireless keypads up to 5


GSM GPRS communication channels secured VPN via LAN / Wi-Fi / 4G-modem
GSM external passive antenna (SMA)
Wi-Fi external passive antenna (SMA)
Number of SIM-cards, pcs 2

Built-in sensor

Built-in motion sensor +

Power supply

External power supply 11-15V
Load on each power output of video cameras, mA up to 350
Type of backup battery 600
Battery nominal capacity, mAh 2000
Short circuit protection in the supply circuit +
Device power consumption, W up to 15 (depending on the mode)

Video system

AV input 4
Output for video camera supply (12V) 4
Image compression codec / frame rate, fps H.264 / 25
Video image size for one PAL camera, points 720576
Video image size for 4 cameras 14401152

General specifications

Device power input 1 input for device connection
1 CPW input for power control
GPS/GLONASS external indicators GSM/Wi-Fi
External supply 12V
External supply 24V
RAM, Gb 1
Event history, records 65,500
Media types for video and history recording, HDD (SSD) 2.5 (SATA)
With video bitrate up to 4 Mbps:
USB flash drive and
MicroSD (class 10)
Head parking, vibration protection (depends on installed HDD type) +


Dimensions, mm 47x156x150
Weight, g 300
Operating temperature range, 0...85

Even more capabilities for data transfer

Contact 15 uses Ethernet as the main channel to transfer video data.

To reduce the number of laid wires and improve external characteristics, you can transfer information via Wi-Fi network.

If high-speed Internet is not available at the guarded facility, you can use a 4G-modem for video data transfer (purchased separately).

A VPN channel is used to transfer all video records, alarms
and events. This allows to improve facility security in case of wired Internet access failure. For operation in the GSM network Contact 15 provides two SIM-cards.

Input and indication devices

Input devices should be installed at all points of authorized access to the guarded facility and its highly-sensitive areas: main entrance, fire exit, service entrances, cash offices, storage-room entrance, accounting-office entrance, and auxiliary areas.

Contact 15 supports arming and disarming with:

  • wired button keypad (up to 5);
  • wired touch pad (up to 5);
  • radio channel key fobs (up to 32);
  • Touch Memory keys or Proximity touchless readers (up to 16 keys/cards);
  • GEO.RITM cloud monitoring software.

To indicate area states or notify about intrusion to the facility,
the Contact 15 security and fire alarm device uses:

  • 2 open collector type outputs interchanging currents
    upto 0.5A;
  • operation with Wi-Fi relay interchanging currents upto 10A.

Simple and easy configuration

To change sensor configuration, user codes or replace a lost Touch Memory key open the configuration software remotely from your office and make the required changes.

Contact 15 supports several ways of configuring:

To get updates of the firmware go to the Updates section
of the Contact 15 configuration software.

Connection of cameras
and external displays

The Contact 15 security and fire alarm device operates with
4 PAL-standard analog video cameras connected to AV-outputs.

To power video cameras you can use:

  • external sources;
  • stabilized power supply from a Power device output (12V, upto 350mA from each output).

Due to power loss on long lines it is recommended to power cameras from the Contact 15 device located close to the cameras. The Power output is protected against short-circuits and is controlled remotely via the configuration software.

To streamline live video directly at the device installation location without transferring video data via the Internet connect the display directly to the Contact 15 device. All current HD digital displays operate via HDMI connector.
When all four video cameras are connected, the display screen shows a 4-in-1 picture.