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Solves complex tasks

The Contact GSM-16 control panel is used for real estate objects:

  • country cottages and private homes,
  • studio and regular apartments,
  • stores and offices,
  • warehouses and production shops.

The combination of wired input loops and radio sensors allows to control up to 48 different zones. And by merging zones
into up to 16 areas you can independently activate and deactivate their security. The Contact GSM-16 panel enables you to develop large object security projects, speed up their commissioning, and simplify their service.

Transmits data to monitoring software

Contact GSM-16 transmits alarms and diagnostic data (events)
to monitoring software using the following channels:

  • GSM cellular network,
  • LAN network,
  • PSTN (optional).

Just as LAN, a phone line (PSTN) protects the transmitted data
from cellular communication suppression systems, but is often unavailable at objects such as country cottages and warehouses: one would rarely find a public telephone network there. This is why PSTN support is not included in the basic package of Contact GSM-16. To use an PSTN (urban phone line), please install a wired modem K16 into the Contact-16 panel.

Choose your ideal kit

Create a customized kit tailored specifically for the tasks of your business as opposed to the average user the standard kits
are designed for.


  • size and appearance of enclosure,
  • number and types of sensors,
  • control and indication device,
  • battery of required capacity.

An extended capacity battery guarantees that your objects stays protected and connected to the security console in case of power outage.

Hybrid mode operation
(with wired sensors
and radio system)

The panel works in a hybrid mode, operating 32 radio sensors and 16 wired input loops simultaneously.

Where it is impossible to run ribbon cables (a recent remodelling is in place or routing is too complicated), a radio system steps into the breach.

When designing a security system, you can use the following Ritm radio sensors:

  • magnetic contact sensor (for window and door opening);
  • compact magnetic contact sensor designed specifically
    for plastic steel windows and doors;
  • glass-break sensor;
  • motion sensor;
  • smoke sensor;
  • manual fire detector.

If necessary, you can connect third-party wired sensors such as water and gas leakage detectors, etc. For this purpose, use wired input loops of the Contact GSM-16 control panel or additional alarm inputs of radio sensors.

Supports various control
and indication devices

The keypad is a classic method of setting up the security mode. Contact GSM-16 enables you to outfit up to 10 points
of authorized access of the protected object with control
and indication devices: 5 with wired keypads, 5 with wireless keypads.

For instance, install them at the main entrance, fire entrance, service entrance, cash department room, or at an entrance
to a warehouse, accounting office, or utility rooms.

One press of either the Exit or Stay button allows to enable
the security mode for the whole object or its selected zones. Contact GSM-16 stores personal passwords of 128 users in its memory.

Touch Memory (iButton) keys is an alternative method for arming the security. Just outfit points of authorized access
of the protected object with Touch Memory readers, and get 16 different keys to arm or disarm security for specified areas.

Contact GSM-16 works with 32 radio keyfobs that allow users
to enable the security mode at objects or selected areas by a simple press of a button, without having to enter their personal passwords. It is equally simple to disarm the security mode.

Shows area statuses

The Contact GSM-16 control panel has 3 outputs with load monitoring for connection a howler, information plates,
and other similar devices. Use these outputs for indication
of incoming and outgoing delays, alarm notifications,
and in other situations.

After connecting a relay card, Contact GSM-16 transmits extended indication to 5 more outputs.

Remotely configurable

Contact GSM-16 supports fully functional remote configuration using a TCP/IP connection via the GEO.RITM or RITM.LINK software. The time has come for you to choose the most convenient method of device configuration (i.e., changing passwords):

  • via TCP/IP,
  • via GSM CSD connection,
  • via wired connection (USB2 configuration cable).

Moreover, a firmware update for 1000 devices will now take the same amount of time as for a single device.

System capacity

Independent areas up to 16
Zones up to 48
User codes up to 128
Touch Memory keys up to 16
Outputs with monitoring 3
Relay cards 1
Keypads up to 10

Wire intersystem

Wire input loops 8/16
Outputs with failure monitoring 3 (12 V, 450 mA)
Outputs in relay cards up to 5
ouch-Memory controller +
Wire keypads up to 5

Wireless subsystem

Wireless sensors up to 32
Wireless key fobs up to 32
Wireless keypads up to 5


GSM 900/1800 MHz 2 SIM cards
PSTN (phone line) optional

Communication channels

Contact ID via GSM GPRS Online +
Contact ID via GSM GPRS Offline +
Contact ID via GSM CSD +
Contact ID via GSM DTMF +
Contact ID via GSM SMS to monitoring software +
Message to owner via GSM SMS +
Contact ID via LAN Online +
Contact ID via LAN Offline +
ContactID via PSTN DTMF optional

General characteristics

Protocol of the data transmission Ademco ContactID
Event log 32 768
Non-volatile clock +
Set-up via Micro USBk +
Remote set-up via LAN +
Remote set-up via GSM CSD +
Arming/disarming from the monitoring software +

Electric power supply

Supply voltage, V 12
Power supply availability check +
Battery discharge and failure check +


Dimensions, mm 160x100
Weight, g 180
Range of the working temperature, C -30...+50

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