New keypad for Contact panels
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New keypad for Contact panels

new keypad

The release of a new keypad model for the profile equipment of the company Ritm. The device is called KB2-3. The keypad is designed to be connected to Contact alarm panels with a 1-Wire (TM) connector.

Keypad KB2-3 is suitable for working with the following equipment:

  • Family Contact GSM-5: 5-2, 5A v.1, 5A v.2;
  • Family Contact GSM-9: 9N, 9A, 9M, 9K;
  • Contact GSM-16.

This model compares favorably with its compact dimensions and concise design. The device does not require configuration - all parameters will be obtained upon connection. Keypad KB2-3 supports the ability to use user codes from the panel memory. If there are other keyboards, the codes will be common to all.

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