Miniature GPS-tracker Voyager 4N for guarding and controlling the car
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Return of the car in case of theft

Tracker Voyager 4N hidden inside of your car gets in touch exact on schedule. Every time it transfers the data about movements and its real location at the moment.

Be sure it is impossible to find Voyager 4N inside of the car by any electronic devices.

More over the unit is so small that can not be found during visual inspection.

You can easily find your car if it was stolen.

Stringet company car control

Install tracker Voyager 4N inside of the company car and get full and detailed information about all the movements of the car during a day.

The device is ready to use after simple connection through cigarette lighter or car system power.

Mileage of the car per week, if all the addresses were visited by the driver, the hours of real staying in the traffic jams, what other addresses are visited all this information will be available for you in GEO.RITM cloud software.

Be informed about way of using of your company car.

Ideal for travelling by bike

With Voyager 4N you can track your routes on the map and to plan next travelling.

There is no reason to be worry about bike battery discharging. As soon as you park the bike in the garage Voyager 4N will switch on stand-by mode and will stop consuming the energy at all.

Moreover it will be switched on immediately as soon as you leave
the garage thanks to built-in motion sensor.

Voyager 4N is miniature, invisible but irreplaceable fellow traveller in each trip.

Professional tool for rental services

Receive the reports about mileage and the routes of your rental transport.

Voyager 4N will provide the full control over all the rental transport.

With Voyager 4N you will be every time informed about the location of each of your car, ATV, snowcar, catamaran or bicycle.

Follow the movements on-line on the interactive card on website.

On the same card you will see the alarm in case of the transport crossed the estimated scribed lines.

Hermetic box for using on the water

Tracking the movements on the water, if it is hunting boat or motor cruiser, will be easier with Voyager 4N and its hermetic box.

Ingress of moisture or complete submergence will be not dangerous for the device if it is inside of the special box.

Tracking the water routes is more difficult but not for our tracker.

The children under control

Tracker installed in baby buggy will give you exact information about if the babysitter was walking with your child during a day, if she was in the park or she was satisfied only by walking in the kinder yard.

The tracker doesnt need any daily charging. The charging will be enough for a week as minimum.

Install the tracker inside of the schoolbag. Indicate the permitted zones in web site. Now you can track daily route on the map, You will see the alarm as soon as your child will go to the cinema or to the friends instead of the school.

We do really hope that it will not happen with You but our device will help also in even more critical situations. The information will be in time and precise because the Voyager 4N tracker will inform you about the movements and location of the child at the moment.

Parents always must know where their children are!

Immediately and precisely
shows the position location
on the map

Application of A-GPS-system permitted to achieve the split-hair accuracy of the tracing object geolocation and practically immediate coordinates settings on the map.

Easy to hide from abusers

Voyager 4N is not only small enough in order not to be revealed by anybody except its owner, but it is in sleeping mode till to be called for that can permit it to keep radio-locating silence. That means it is impossible to find it even by the most modern radio-locating devices.

"Black box

Break down of the connection with GPRS-network (for example, the object is out of the covering area or there is not enough money on the SIM-card) will not interrupt to save all the data about movements of the object. All the data about movements and parking are accumulated and transmitted at the first contact with the server.

It works for a long time. Very long time

It works up to 30 days of the single using operation without charging in sleeping mode and up to 24 hours in intensive way. In case of external power connection, it can work unlimited period of time.

using of
cloud service

The highest quality

Multi testing revealed the highest Russian and European standards compliance, reliability and stable working of Voyager 4N, even in the temperatures close to critical: -40 and +50

It can not be broken.
(Even if you try).

All the connectors are equipped by idiot proof. The tracker is so easy assembled that there is nothing to be broken.

Several target audiences

Basically our device is constructed for easy and precise tracking of the vehicles in case of theft, but it can be also successfully used for accompanying of the important parcels and checking the movements of the children by their parents.

Car system power or USB

Just connect Voyager 4N to the car system power and nobody can change data of the tracker. After connecting to the car power system, tracker becomes invisible for the driver and protected from the changing of the data.

For charging Voyager 4N on the fly you can use laptop or standard USB-charging device from your mobile. It is very comfortable if your route means movements not only by the car but also on foot and by train. Charge tracker from USB even during walking.

Cigarette lighter power

Do you travel a lot by the cars that do not belong to you (rent, convoy, expedition)? Then use the possibility of quick Voyager 4N tracker connection.

Cigarette lighter power is quick and comfortable when:
- it is necessary to start urgent movement monitoring;
- it is necessary to change cars;
- it is necessary to track car movements in which one stationary installation is not possible.

Do not lose the time and keep maximum precise and detailed report about your route.

GSM antenna Built-in
GPS antenna/GLONASS Built-in
Quantity of SIM-cards 1
Changeable accumulator storage battery 1020 mA/h
Connection of the external power 10-36 V
USB charging Yes
Tamper No
Hermetic case Optional
Built-in motion sensor Yes
Built-in accelerometer No
External connection 1USB, 1Power
Buttons on the case Test (under the cover of the battery case)
External light indication No
Hidden light indication "GPS receiving"
Dimensions 16x48x75 mm
Weight 70 g
Operating temperatures -40..+50

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cloud service