Autonomous GPS-tracker for cargo shipment monitoring Voyager 5N
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Cargo shipment monitoring

Since truck drivers are usually hauling cargoes worth several tens of thousands of euros, the job of keeping both them and their cargoes safe is an extremely important one.

In order to find out where your cargo is (containers, railway cars, road trains, etc.) and make sure it is safe, you can use
state-of-the-art modern satellite tracking devices, such as
the Voyager 5N GPS tracker, which comes in a tamper-proof, dust- and moisture resistant casing.

Long standalone operation

Due to the use of class D power supplies (capacity range up to 19,000 mAh) in the Voyager 5N and its wide variety of operating modes,
the device is capable of operating non-stop, even throughout the longest trips.
Preset operating options simplify the process of configuring the device:

  • Online always online,
  • Online while moving online only while moving,
  • Offline regular uploads of the track covered,
  • Cargo regular position finding while moving and regular data uploads,
  • Beacon regular positon finding and regular data uploads,
  • Custom.

The Custom operating mode allows the user to customise
the parameters of position finding and connection, which can either
be set to when the vehicle is started or stopped, when it moves
or is parked, regularly or according to a specific schedule.

Dust- and moisture
resistant casing

The casing of the Voyager 5N tracker is made of rugged plastic, while its design ensures protection from dust and brief immersion in liquids (which complies with IP67 as per IEC 60529).

The tracker may be installed in any accessible place on your vehicle: just make sure the device gets a strong satellite signal.
The A-GPS technology speeds up the position finding process.

If cargo is stored in an enclosed area, the Voyager tracker can determine its location using the base stations of a mobile network operator (LBS).

Easy installation

Thanks to its magnetic backing plate, the tracker can be installed easily on any iron surface, while the power of the magnet means that there is no possibility of the tracker accidentally falling off the installation surface,
as this would require force comparable to that needed to hold
a suspended 60 kg load. If the tracker is intentionally torn off,
it transmits an alarm to the monitoring software.

A cheaper bolt clamp may be used to performed a fixed installation
of the tracker onboard a container. This installation option completely rules out the possibility of devices installed on containers falling off by themselves.

All-round reliability

The rugged casing protects the Voyager 5N from the effects
of weather, while two SIM cards enhance reliability of the data link. For cargo shipments, this is of paramount importance, as it

  • enables timely reception of data when shipping is conducted
    in areas with complex mobile network coverage,
  • and decreases the price of data transfer through the use
    of international SIM cards for international trips.

Location data is transmitted to the monitoring system server via
a GSM network and, should it come necessary, the Voyager 5N will automatically switch over to a redundant receiving server.

Simple interaction with monitoring service

The Voyager 5N has been optimized for the GEO.RITM monitoring software.

Visit to:

  • find the current position using GPS and LBS data,
  • get a report on movement or any other available report,
  • remotely configure or re-configure your device.

Adding a device to your account is as simple as it gets: just specify your IMEI number, and youre set!

Extra features

Thanks to its integrated sensors, Voyager 5N is capable of:

  • determining the location and time the cargo starts and stops moving,
  • determining the time and location when a tracker was installed on a cargo container.
  • submitting an alarm to the monitoring software whenever
    the device is removed from the surface it was installed
    on or its casing is opened.

Non-volatile memory

There are still regions where digital data link coverage (GSM) might be limited. In case of disconnection (i.e., the vehicle crossed
a national border, went out of coverage, or the SIM card balance has been exhausted), the logging of object movement data does not stop.

Data on movement and parking are accumulated in
the Voyager 5Ns non-volatile memory, a so-called black box, and are transmitted immediately after the server connection
is re-established.

Depending on the type of data required, the capacity of the black box ranges from 34,200 to 81,900 messages total.

Satellite positioning

GPS/GLONASS antenna Internal


GSM (CSD, GPRS) 2 SIM-cards
GSM antenna Internal

Built-in sensors

Motion sensor +
Tamper +

Electric power supply

Runs on replaceable batteries 2x3,6 V / D type


Micro USB +

General specifications

Non-volatile memory "black box" Up to 81 000 points
Set-up via Micro USB +
Casing buttons Tamper (under battery compartment cover)
Internal indicators GPS signal
State of modem
Current SIM Card


Sealed casing IP67
Dimensions without magnetic backing plate 57x84x168 mm
Weight 650 g
Operating temperature range (without regard to battery characteristics) -40...+55

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