Kit for protection of payment terminals and ATM
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Specially for cash machines (ATM)

New equipment set for protection payment terminals and cash machines (ATM) will permit you to obtain timely alarm signal about breaking and unauthorized movement of the cash machine (ATM). Power supply module and control panel are made in separate compact cases specially for their installation in the limited space of the cash machine (ATM).
In new case of the control panel Contact GSM-5 can be installed,
it was examined by the time, or another absolutely new, more functional panel, Contact GSM-16, can be installed as well.

Gorgeous modern design

It is always a pleasure to use the things of beauty! And it is not less pleasure to create the things of beauty! Thats why we decided to combine uncompromising security with esthetics, that is always evaluated by the clients.
Our designers and engineers were trying hard in order you could enjoy just keeping our equipment in your hands. In fact, how the equipment looks like the same way it works.

Minimalistic sizes

All of us know that the space inside of the cash machine (ATM) is limited!
After the studying different models of the cash machines (ATM) and terminals we found the optimum size of cases of the power supply module and control panel.
The devices do not disturb the services of the cash machines by technical specialists and they can be placed in any, even the smallest cash machine and payment terminal.

Using different cases is not random as well. in the conditions of the limited space, it is much easier for you to place two compact units instead of big one.

There is no problem with shortage of the space anymore!

The highest reliability
of the power supply module

We specially focused on the quality and reliability of the power supply module! In fact, the performance of the whole system depends on the quality of the power supply module, and there is no compromise!

Installation of the device
at one Click!

Any our device can be installed in new case only at one Click! You take a device, locate it on the guide rails, slight touch and Click! The device fell into the place and ready for using!

Uncompromising quality
of the component parts

Quality of the components parts determines the quality of the device!
We focused on the assembling quality and used entirely the best European components for the manufacturing!
Having excluded unfair mediators from the production chain and having switched to direct purchasing from the manufactures, we obtained the real best quality!

Self-explanatory indication

Easy-to-see indication does not need any explanations. At the first sight, it is clear for you what condition of the power supply is.
Indication complies with GOST P 53325-2009, which makes possible using of the power supply module during firefighting system installation.

wall mounting

You can fix cases vertically or horizontally it is at your ease: drop wire is provided on every side!
We have foreseen everything in order you could feel yourself comfortable.