Control panel Contact GSM-9N with built-in keypad
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Two devices in one case

In those cases when the secured object has only one access point, Contact GSM-9N is the most effective way to arm it with security device.

Its key feature is compact size and low price. The fact that it is placed in one case with keypad makes it compact, the price is the result of merging these devices.

Wire input loops

Contact GSM-9N supports connection up to 3 fire and 6 security wire input loops.

This quantity is enough to secure shops, warehouses, workshops, one-room flats and other small properties.

Easy arming and disarming process

Contact GSM-9N uses the following ways of arming and disarming:

  • entering personal four digit code via keypad,
  • pressing the Exit button or Stay button on the case of the device,
  • placing the Touch Memory key to the reader unit,
  • controlling the device via monitoring software.

Appoint to the Exit and Stay buttons certain areas and youll be able to arm them with just one touch, without entering your personal code.

Arming your rooms separetely can help to secure the service areas from unauthorized people when the store is open.

Connection to the monitoring software

Contact GSM-9N transmits data via GSM communication channel. Thus, even objects without ethernet or PSTN communications, such as cottages, weekend houses, warehouses or separate showrooms
can be secured.

If you choose option with 2 SIM-cards, it will increase fault-tolerance of the data transferring channel: if one of the mobile operators will be overloaded, the security and fire alarm system will send the alarm message to the guards post, enabling the SIM-card of another mobile operator.

If you setup SMS-notifications, then Contact GSM-9N will send
SMS-message to the appointed cellphone number in case if intruders enter the guarded object (or SMS-message about fire alarm, or arming and disarming process).

Emergency activation keys
and indication

If you press one of the duress buttons placed on the panels case (case of the device) you will notify the guards post of
an emergency situation:

  • Duress button - in case if intruder entered the room
  • Fire alarm button - in case of fire detection,
  • Medical alert - in case medical assistance is needed.

Built-in howler and LED-indication of zones on the keypad will inform you of the intrusion and will show you the zone where
it happened.

To indicate fire alert, 2 external indicators are connected
to the panel: siren and information plate Exit. To fulfill this task, Contact GSM-9N has two outputs open collector type.

Remote setup

You can setup the device and update the firmware via CSD channel or RITM.LINK.

This way you wont have to go to the place of installation
of the device in order to change the personal access codes.

System capacity

Independent areas up to 6
Zones up to 6
User codes up to 10
Outputs 2
Keypads built-in


Wire input loops 3/6
Open collector outputs 2 (12 V, 300 mA)


GSM 2 SIM-cards
GSM antenna internal (external is optional)

Communication channels

Contact ID via GSM GPRS Online +
Contact ID via GSM GPRS Offline +
Contact ID via GSM CSD +
Contact ID via GSM SMS to the monitoring software +
GSM SMS to the owner +

General description

Data transfer protocol Ademco ContactID
Event log 65535
Setup via universal cable +
Remote setup via GSM CSD +
Arming/Disarming via monitoring software +
Touch Memory controller +


Case +
Built-in emergency activations buttons 3
Built-in howler +
Built-in keypad +
Overall dimensions 160x100x30 mm
Weight 214 g
Operation temperature range 30...+55

Power supply

Input voltage 12 V
Current consumption in idle state 80 mA
Current consumption in alarm mode during data transmitting 300 mA
Power supply availability check +
Low accumulator battery control +