Wireless control panel Contact GSM-14
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The system that protects your comfort

Using the panel Contact GSM-14 you can manage the security
of the apartment, cottage security or other facilitys security, and save its design concept and coziness. Wireless sensors will greatly ease and quicken the designing, assembling and setup of this security system.

The on-screen Android keypad will compliment the usual keypad: even if you already left the room, you can learn the status of secured zones and arm the system using your cell phone with Android software.

Given that the more apartments become equipped with wireless
Wi Fi routers, we have also developed Contact GSM-14 Wi-Fi* panel. It transmits data to the monitoring software of central surveillance via residential Wi Fi.

Transmission of the events to the monitoring software of the private security firm via GSM and Wi Fi

Contact GSM-14 is equipped with the built-in modem. Thereby, you can secure even those properties, where its impossible to install a phone and high-speed Internet, for instance, cottages and weekend houses.

By installing two SIM-cards you can increase the fault-tolerance. Even if one mobile operator will be overloaded, the security and fire alarm device will send the alarm signal to the guards post by using the second SIM-card of another mobile operator.

Permanent connection of Contact GSM-14 to server in GPRS Online mode allows to monitor the status of the security equipment at any time and be informed
of the connection failure and attempt to jam the GSM signal in good time.

Panic button

The button at the front panel of the Contact GSM-14
is designed for emergency informing of fire alarm, medical alarm or emergency situations at the secured property.

Advanced reliability

Built-in accumulator battery provides autonomous operation of Contact GSM-14 when the power is down, for the electric service panel is quite often outside
of the apartment, at the stair landing.
So, at the break-in attempt to the apartment where the lightning was shut down earlier, security device will inform you on blackout occurrence, but will be able to inform you
of violation of the protective envelope.

*Contact GSM-14 is now available, shipments of Contact GSM-14 WI Fi are to be expected in 2016.

Wide choice of sensors

Contact GSM-14 works with 32 wireless sensors. This quantity
is enough to secure a big apartment, private house or a small office.

Youll find all the wireless sensors you need:

  • motion sensors;
  • glass break sensor;
  • magnetic contact detector (window and door opening sensor);
  • compact magnetic contact detector, developed especially
    for installing at metal-plastic doors and windows;
  • smoke detector;
  • manual fire alarm button.

Position locating via base stations

In order to ease the position locating of the secured property on the map, Contact GSM-14 makes its own position measurement, based on data provided by mobile operator.

When SIM-card is registered in mobile operator network, position locating of Contact GSM-14 is made based on information received from the base station (LBS). In big cities positional accuracy via LBS depends on density of base station placement and is no less than
150 meters. So, you can learn the location of the security device that transmits data with accuracy up to neighborhood unit or building number.

Indication and informing

In order to come into notice, for instance, at the moment of counting entrance delay or exit delay, Contact GSM-14 and controlling keypads are equipped with built-in howler. It is also possible to connect siren (buzzer) to the device for reporting break in or pressing on panic button.*

Remote setup

It is about time when in order to setup the device (for instance,
to change passwords) you no longer need to call via CSD or plug in setup cable. Contact GSM-14 supports full-functional remote setup.
Now firmware update on 1000 devices will take the same amount of time as updating one device.

Easy arming and disarming process

Contact GSM-14 simultaneously works with up to 32 key fobs. With their help its quite easy to arm the selected zone:
its enough to press the button on the key fob without entering the personal password. Disarming process is performed the same way.

Possible connection of up to 3 wireless keypads will allow to equip access points to the secured property with monitoring and indication devices. For instance, install them at your front door and service entrance, near the booking office cabinet. When leaving the room, its enough to press the button that says Exit or Stay or enter your personal password in order to arm the whole property or just selected zones. When using keypad, disarming process is performed with compulsory entering
of personal password.

*This function will be available in 2016.

Wireless intersystem

Wireless sensors up to 32
Wireless key fobs up to 32
Wireless keypads up to 3

System capacity

Independent areas up to 8
Zones up to 32
User codes up to 128

Communication pathway

Wi-Fi +
Contact ID via Wi-Fi Online +
Contact ID via GSM GPRS Online +
Contact ID via GSM GPRS Offline +
Contact ID via GSM CSD +
Contact ID via GSM SMS to the monitoring software +
GSM SMS to the owner +

General description

Event log 8192
Non-volatile clocks +
Setup via universal cable +
Remote setup via GSM CSD +
Remote setup via GPRS +
Setup via Wi-Fi +


Built-in panic button +
Built-in howler +
Overall dimensions 18013530 mm
Weight 270 g
Operation temperature range -30...+50

Electric power supply

Power voltage 12 V
Adapter circuit 220/12 V in kit +
Current consumption in idle state up to 200 mA
Current consumption in alarm mode during date transmitting up to 500 mA
Power supply availability check +
Low battery and malfunction control of stand-by accumulator battery +
Stand-by accumulator battery BL-5C Li-Ion (1020 mAh)

*Wi-Fi, Wi-Fi Online mode and setup via Wi Fi are available only in Contact GSM-14 Wi FI.

Video is in progress.