Security system with GSM-module and battery-powered in the body of the motion sensor Contact GSM-2
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Discreet guardian

Contact GSM-2 is a compact security device, placed in one case with PIR motion sensor. Youll be able to install the security alarm within minutes at any property:

  • garage,
  • kiosk,
  • van,
  • any room in GSM coverage area.

Besides that, with Contact GSM-2 you can set temporary protection of the property while redecoration work is in process.

Replaceable battery makes Contact GSM-2 fully automatic, which eases its assembling: you dont need to take care of wire feeding. Contact GSM-2 will perfectly fit in the design of the room because of its size, nice design and lack of wires. In case its necessary (for example, to setup an exterior siren)
the security device works even from exterior power supply
of 12 V.


Ways to put Contact GSM-2 into armed position:

  • via Touch Memory keys,
  • via key fobs,
  • via external control contacts.

When you are entering a secured facility, its enough to press your
Touch Memory key to the readout device, to press the button on the
key fob or to intrude the external control contacts in order to disarm
the property.

Arming it is easy as well. Exit delay will allow you to leave the facility without getting an alarm signal.


LED indicator at the front face of the Contact GSM-2 will inform you on exit\entering delay countdown or when the senor went off (alarm). In all of these cases Contact GSM-2 can make an audio signal with
the howler. If you think that the volume is not enough, you can install
an additional external siren to the panels output.

In those cases when full disguise of the security system is necessary, Contact GSM-2 allows to turn off all exterior indication. Along with
the sleep mode it essentially extends time of autonomous work when powered by the replaceable battery.

Silent alarm

If the robbery occurred, for your own safety it is better to report
an emergency situation to the security firm as unnoticeable as possible. You can find a special button ❄ on the key fob - its called silent alarm. If you press on it, the security system will inform security firm on robbery without using LED and sound indication, and without dragging any attention to it. If you turn off the exterior indication, it will make any alarm silent alarm.

Sensor control

You can connect one additional wire input loop dry contact type to Contact GSM-2.
It is enough to equip the front door and windows, if necessary, with magnetic contact sensors. In order to protect Contact GSM-2 from external interference it is equipped with tamper: the device will form and send message at attempt to open its case.

Alarm sending and autotest

Contact GSM-2 sends events via GSM, that is why you can secure any facility that is in GSM signal range. The security device transmits
the report on break in as SMS-message or as telephone call to
the owner or to the guards post. The event log has 1024 entries and real-time clock available, so you can trace where and when the actions with Contact GSM-2 took place.

Autotest of Contact GSM-2 will show not just that the security system works, but also transmit information on account balance of the SIM-card, remaining charge of the battery and temperature in the room.


In mode fast setup of the panel without computer you can immediately add an authorized key or key fob, as well as cell phone number on which it will send the alarms.

In order to change the configuration of Contact GSM-2 and setup
it according to your needs you can setup it via Micro USB cable.

Free using
cloud server

System capacity

Security area 1
Zones 2
Touch Memory keys up to 8
Outputs 1

Wire intersystem

Wire input loops 1
Open collector outputs 1 (12, 300 mA)
ouch Memory controller +

Wireless intersystem

Key fobs up to 8


GSM 1 SIM-card

Communication channels

Contact ID via GSM SMS to the guards post +
GSM SMS to owner +
Caller ID to owner +

General description

Data transmission protocol Ademco ContactID
Event log 1024
Setup via Micro USB cable +
Real-time clock +


Case +
Built-in sensor motion sensor
Built-it howler +
Overall dimensions 77x59x53,5 mm
Weight 100 g
Operation temperature range -30+50

Power supply

External feeding voltage 12 V
Charge and defect control of the backup battery +
Power supply availability check +
Replaceable battery CR123 , 3 V