Compact standalone alarm button "Contact GSM-1M"
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Operating without additional equipment

Easy equipping of a small shopping pavilion or other property with a standalone or stationary autonomous alarm button without the installation of other expensive systems thats exactly the kind of job that the Contact GSM-1 is designed to do.

Operation of the alarm button doesnt require any additional modules or devices: all it needs is to be connected to an external power source or periodically charged. For this very reason, the button can be used as a stationary solution.

Unlike radio-channel (433 MHz, 868 MHz) alarm buttons, the Contact GSM-1M works everywhere covered by GSM communication, without the need for relays or other equipment.

Compact size

The devices small dimensions allow it to be concealed in places not visible to an intruder, such as the space under the display window or cash register.

This device interfaces directly with GEO.RITM software. You can use your free account at to easily connect up to three portable alarm buttons or other devices of Ritm company. The Contact GSM-1M can also operate on your personal GEO.RITM virtual machine, where needed.

System capacity

Independent areas 1

Wired intersystem

Hardwired zones 1
Zone type dry contact


GSM 850/900/1800/1900 1 SIM-card

Communication channels

Contact ID via GSM GPRS Online +
Contact ID via GSM GPRS Offline +
Contact ID via GSM CSD +
Contact ID via SMS +
Message to owner via GSM SMS +

General specifications

Event logs 65 535
Remote setup via GSM CSD +
Remote setup via cloud software +
Tamper +

Power supply

Main power-source voltage 9-12V
Backup power-source voltage 3.7 V (16650 2500 mAh)
Average operating time running on replaceable battery 40 hours


Dimensions 25x50x81 mm
Weight (w/o RB) 60 g
Operating temperature range when running off 9V -30...+50
Operating temperature range when running off replaceable battery -15...+50C

Additional hardwired zone

The Contact GSM-1M is equipped with terminals for connecting an additional hardwired zone. A wired alarm button could be connected as such a zone. The normal state of the input is customized just like the events forming actuation of the main and additional zones.

Power supply

Uninterrupted operation of the alarm button is achieved thanks to its powerful replaceable battery. Main power comes from the 220/9V power adapter. In the event that primary power is disrupted, the alarm button switches to operating off of its built-in backup power source the 16650 2500 mAh replaceable battery. Average operating time when running on the fully-charged battery is 40 hours.

Remote antenna

In order to increase the reception area of the GSM signal, weve equipped the alarm button with an external connector for a remote antenna. If the coverage zone of the GSM-network where the
Contact GSM-1M is operating is unstable, you can use a special high-sensitivity antenna or take an even more drastic approach: connect the remote antenna using a long cable with high amplification.

Expanded indication

Compared to its predecessor, the Contact GSM-1M alarm button features an indication of the operation of the rechargeable battery (RB) and the recharging process: it is divided into three separate areas RB-based operation, button charging, button charged. This results in the greater information yield of the device.