Security control panel

Contact GSM-16

Hybrid mode operating security and fire safety panel for protection of any site and data transmission via GSM and LAN, compatible with any wired detector and wireless sensors of “Ritm” production.
It is a flagship device targeted at security of apartments and houses, office units, commercial spaces and ATMs.
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Contact GSM-16
Security and fire safety panel
Magnetic contact detectors
vary in size
Concurrent connection
up to 32 of wireless detectors
Smooth operation
powered by 12 V source
inside inside
Receiver of radio channel
2 SIM-cards
GSM networking
(3G is optional)
Receiver of radio channel
Data transmission
via LAN
3 outputs
with line supervision
Digital bus for keypad
and address relay card connection
Temperature detector
& Touch memory reader
Setting by
USB cable
16 security
wired loops
12V input
with state monitoring
Opening sensor
  • Any wired sensors

    Any wired detectors and sensors
    are connected to the panel:
    • Shock/tilt sensors;
    • Panic buttons;
    • Security detectors;
    • Loop powered fire detectors;
    • Fire detectors without loop power;
    • Temperature sensors.
  • Without wires

    The following are connected to the Contact GSM-16 fire alarm panel:
    • Up to 32 wireless sensors:
      • Security sensors;
      • Smoke sensors;
      • Water leakage sensors;
      • Temperature sensors;
    • Up to 16 wireless devices:
      • Radio or Wi-Fi relay;
      • Radio or Wi-Fi siren;
      • Radio or Wi-Fi “EXIT” sign;
      • Radio channel repeater;
    • Up to 32 wireless keyfobs;
    • Up to 3 wireless keypads.
  • Secure data transfer

    Information exchange between the device and receiving software means of block encryption.

    Such encryption is used to protect against data spoofing in case of man-in-the-middle attacks.

    Data encryption is especially in demand when operating the panel in the banking sector.

    For example, when guarding ATMs and self-service terminals.

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Wired and radio channel keypad
Standard version
compact keypad

Convenient and user-friendly
facility access control!

Wireless and wired keyboards can be easily connected to the Contact GSM-16 alarm panel, making access control to the facility as convenient as possible.
To activate or deactivate the alarm panel, you must enter a four-digit code on the keyboard. You can activate the alarm system for your object with just one click of the “EXIT” or “STAY” button.
A remote control with the dedicated "Activate" and "Deactivate" buttons is a 2-in-1 solution! Use it not only to control the Contact GSM-16 alarm panel, but also as a mobile panic button.
Using a mobile application that supports the Android and iOS operating systems is the most modern and convenient security panel management solution offered by “Ritm” today.
browser browser
browser browser

Temperature control

Having the temperature sensor connected to the Contact GSM-16 you will always know the temperature in your apartment or house. You will immediately receive a message if the set temperature is violated. You can develop the temperature measurement schedule at the display of your smartphone.

House management

The connection of a wireless relay to the Contact GSM-16 allows you to manage your house by smartphone:
  • turn the water off in case of leakage,
  • turn up the heating,
  • open the gate,
  • turn on the lights,
  • and many other things.

Water leakage monitoring

When water leakage sensor is connected to the Contact GSM-16, you will immediately receive a phone alarm message in case of emergency. So you can turn the water off even you are hundreds kilometers away from home.
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Bulk update
of device firmware

Updating the firmware of the equipment installed at the facility is very important.
Technologies are constantly being improved and developed, as are the products of “Ritm” company. Striving to keep pace with the times and take into account the wishes of our partners and customers, we create and sell new devices and sensors, as well as update the interface of the device configuration programs. An engineer or technical specialist will update several or all of your devices at once while at the same time ensuring maximum control of this process.
All your devices are updated from the main control panel - from one central location. The Contact GSM-16 can be updated not only via the usual GSM channel, but also via Ethernet, which is much faster.
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Disable Alarm System Activation
Thanks to the Disable Alarm System Activation function, the user's capabilities will be limited. When a user attempts to activate the alarm system for the facility, they will hear a prohibiting sound signal. Thanks to this, the security company can eliminate the issue associated with the subscription fee debt.

Effective Protection against Competitors
When the “Lock” function is activated, all changes in the communication channels become unavailable in the Contact GSM-16 setup program, and the panel cannot be switched to the competitors' console.
You can change communication settings and specify a different server only from your consolel.

Remote Maintenance
of the Alarm Panel.
Control and Order

All of your facilities will always be under reliable protection thanks to prompt and constant access to the control system of the control and security panel.
Control, updating and setup of the Contact GSM-16 panel are carried out by the operator remotely from your central control panel via GSM and Ethernet communication channels without any additional time and money spent on using the services of a technical specialist on site. The procedure is the same as if the equipment was connected and set up via USB.
During technical and routine maintenance, access is granted to the technical specialist from the central control panel, which is valid for a limited period of time while the maintenance works are underway.
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Device location tracking by mobile base stations
The device software allows to track its location and show it on the map by the aid of mobile base stations. Such a feature is rather useful not only in case of theft but also for correct address installation of the device.
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Contact GSM-16 Technical specifications
  • 2 SIM-cards
  • 3G network support - optional
  • External antenna (build-in version is optional)
Wired subsystem
  • 16 wired loops
  • Up to 8 fire loops
  • 3 outputs 12 V with line supervision for units connection
  • Integrated Touch memory controller
  • MIF2- and MIF3-readers operation
  • Interworking with reader Proximity in Touch memory protocol
  • Touch memory input operation in pulse control mode
  • Interworking with one external wired temperature sensor
Wireless subsystem
  • Up to 32 wireless sensors
  • Up to 32 wireless keyfobs
  • Up to 16 radio devices
  • Up to 3 radio keypads
System capacity
  • Up to 16 independent areas
  • Up to 48 zones
  • Up to 128 user codes
  • Up to 128 Touch Memory keys and SmartCards
  • Up to 15 address relay cards — 75 relays
  • 1 not address relay card — 5 relays
  • 3 outputs with line supervision
  • Up to 10 keypads
Communication channels
  • GSM GPRS Online
  • GSM GPRS Offline
  • GSM SMS to Ritm-Link or other receiver
  • GSM SMS to owner
  • Call a owner
  • LAN Online
  • LAN Offline
  • TEL DTMF (when K16 module is connected)
General specifications
  • Event log up to 32768 events
  • Nonvolatile clocks
  • Setting via cable USB1
  • Setting via cable USB2
  • Setting via cable MicroUSB
  • Remote configuration via GSM CSD
  • Remote configuration via TCP-connection
  • Timesync with Ritm.Link or NTP
  • Arming/disarming using GEO.RITM
  • Communication channels blocking
  • Arming barring
  • Arming by the keypad's button “EXIT”
  • Partial arming by the keypad's button “STAY”
Power supply
  • Input voltage supply 12V
  • Power supply availability control
  • Charge level of standby battery check
  • Standby battery failure check
  • Case opening sensor
  • Overall dimensions
    • Without case: 121×81×30 mm
    • Space-saving case “Contact”: 170×120×40 mm
    • Case “Contact” with 1.2 Ah battery: 296×160×90 mm
    • Case “Contact” with 7 Ah battery: 296×250×90 mm
  • Operating temperature range −30…+50 °Ñ
  • Device weight
    • Without case: 300 g
    • Space-saving case “Contact”: 435 g
    • Case “Contact” with 1.2 Ah battery: 700 g
    • Case “Contact” with 7 Ah battery: 1100 g
Without case
Space-saving case “Contact”
Case “Contact” with 1.2 Ah battery
Case “Contact” with 7 Ah battery