Wi-Fi facilities to connect with the control panels and communicate with GEO.RITM
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Wireless accessories

Wi-Fi devices are designed to increase the capabilities
of Contact GSM-16 and Contact GSM-14 Wi-Fi security panels operating in the same computer network. Without excess wires, these accessories help make it possible to indicate evacuation routes, provide emergency alerts, and control electrical equipment.

For network equipment with Internet access, the accessories in the GEO.RITM monitoring system are standalone devices. This makes it possible to configure them remotely and to control them directly without using security panels.

Manual control of accessories is accessed from the Ritm Control Android-application in manual mode directly from a mobile phone.


In order to connect actuation devices, use the Wi-Fi relay.
The relay consists of three independent outputs, interchanging currents up to 10A.

Each output can:

  • duplicate the status of the specified area;
  • show the presence of events not transferred into the monitoring software;
  • show the presence of faults in panel or sensor (loop) operation;
  • switch in manual mode.

Use the relay to connect the circuit of devices, which should be de-energized upon arming, e.g. a light circuit. Then once the facility has been vacated and armed, the lighting is automatically switched off.


The Wi-Fi siren is used to provide:

  • information that an alarm has been triggered in one or more areas;
  • an alert to the effect that the input or output is under on-delay timing.

The siren makes it possible to exert a psychological impact on intruders and to attract attention to the guarded facility.

The CR123A main and backup batteries installed in the siren allow it to be used in conditions of dirty external power and possible power-supply failures.

Siren Relay


Wi-Fi communication channel IEEE 802.11b/g/n
Frequency range 2.412-2.484 GHz
Data encryption in communication channel WPA2

General specifications

Tamper + -
Surface tear-off sensor + -
Customizable visual and sound indication + -
Setup using PC + +
Remote setup via monitoring software + +
Number of relay outputs - 3
Switching voltage - DC: 10A, 30V
AC: 10A, 250V


Dimensions 123x73x49,5 mm 59x80x17 mm
Operating temperature range -30+50 -30+50

Power supply

Voltage 12V 12V 12V
220V operation when using adapter + +
Number of CR123A batteries 1-2 -