GEO.RITM: the possibilities of the cloud software
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With GEO.RITM you can:

To be informed about the way of using of the fuel

Uncontrolled tank of the transport is a gold mine for a streetwise driver. Having siphoned fuel and having sold fuel the driver will definitely receive extra bonus from his employer. Fuel level report will show you the volumes, time and location of the real filling of the tank and siphoning of the fuel. By this way you will terminate not only real fact of the fuel siphoning but also underfilling and fictional tank filling using shill bills.

You will terminate the tank filling by cheap fuel bought secondhand, if you check where exactly the driver filled the tank of the transport. Using GEO.RITM system will permit you to decrease fuel costs at 25-30% thus you will increase the profit of your business.

To decrease accident risk of your fleet
and to increase the discipline level of the drivers

Very often, the drivers of the company cars think that they participate in the sport competition, and the city is a sport race. Overspeeding, jack-rabbit starts, turning at the high speed, hard breaking in front of the traffic lights can reflect not only on the working condition of the fleet and quantity of penalties, but also on the reputation of your company. Taking care of the safety way of driving means saved lives.
With GEO.RITM over-speed report and road rage report you will realize on what you should pay attention of your personnel.

To control proper use of the transport,
absence of the shill travels and mileage

Using drive time and rest time report and analyzing the routes of your transport you can control all the movements and to exclude its improper use. Thanks to that, you can decrease maintenance expenses at 20%.

To receive information about emergency situation with the transport

You can receive alarm messages online if the driver has pressed duress button and about any incidents with the transport.

To set up and to control devices in remote mode

Now it is the time when you will not have to call through via CSD or to connect programming cable in order to set up the device (for example to change the details of the route). Now everything can be done directly from GEO.RITM web-interface, via current GPRS connection with that device.

To find out the position location of the vehicle

of the vehicle, its speed and to display this information on different internet-maps.
It will permit you to provide fleet management with high quality.

In case, if it is impossible to use data from the satellite navigation system (for example underground parking) you can indicate the position location via LBS.

To receive different kind of reports about parameters of the vehicle operations

Reports about mileage, parking, working of the mechanisms, visiting of the zones, fuel consumption and many other parameters of the vehicle operation are only the small list of the available reports.

With GEO.RITM you can:

To see the current condition of the guarded object,
also its position location

You can simultaneously control not only all of your means of transport, but also real estate objects. It is possible to proceed because GEO.RITM can support all the mobile and stationary devices manufactured by Ritm. Position location of stationary security and fire alarm equipment is proceeded via LBS, thats why it has accuracy not less than 150 meters. To find the nearest rapid reaction team and to map the shortest route till the object now will take a couple of clicks.

To receive online information about alarms

In alarm window you can easily find information about events happened with the guarded object.

Exactly in the same window you will map the route from the nearest rapid reaction team to the guarded object taking into account the traffic jams, and will fill the alarm history.
In alarm window you will see also more details about the guarded object: detailed information about conditions of the zones, list of the responsible persons, photo of the object and location of the security and fire alarm devices.

To get response of the alarms and events

GEO.RITM will keep all the history of the alarms and system events at the guarded object and will remind you about them in the form of report, if it is necessary for you to reclaim the history.

To set up and to control the devices in remote mode

Now it is the time when you will not have to call through via CSD or to connect programming cable in order to set up the device (for example to change keypad passwords). Now everything can be done directly from GEO.RITM web-interface, via current GPRS connection with that device.

What is GEO.RITM cloud software?

It is special software for transport monitoring and real estate guarding.

Regardless of the type of the equipment

  • GEO.RITM will provide you with all available data via open REST-API or as Excel document to your ERP or other electronic system.
  • GEO.RITM will help you to work where it is comfortable for you: cloud solution is achievable everywhere where internet is available and everywhere from any unit.
  • With GEO.RITM you can set flexible access to the information for your personnel. For example to forbid changing of equipment settings.

What fields of application of GEO.RITM service are there available for you?

If you deal with logistics then you can optimize your work with GEO.RITM and at the same time to offer additional services to your customers.

If you are publicity agency or have on-site workforce, then with GEO.RITM you can put their work in the order: will terminate improper use of the fleet, will check working of couriers, supervisors, promoters and distributors.

If you service a car fleet, then GEO.RITM will help you to organize the working of the drivers, to realize the current power outlook, to take tank fillings, underfillings and some tricks with fuel under your control.

With personal use of GEO.RITM you:

  • will know about illegal entry to the country house or apartment;
  • will check the route you used in order to get, for example, to resort, and to share this information with your friends;
  • will keep fuel expenses under your control;
  • will have information about monthly travelling expenses;
  • will know the position location of your child.

If you are games master (orienteering, races, regattas), then with GEO.RITM you can add more interactivity and to involve more fans in the process of cheer for a team.

If you are a security company, then with GEO.RITM you can be associated with any type of monitoring software for real estate and transport guarding, struggle against thefts.

And there are a lot of other application fields.

Who can be a user of GEO.RITM?

Any person can sign-up, login-in and use GEO.RITM cloud server. In this account up to three objects are available without extra payment.

To know more about conditions of cloud service please contact our representative offices or us.