Ritm Guard: application for rapid response teams
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Ritm Guard — application for rapid response teams

Ritm Guard for RRT

Optimize your security company’s handling of alarms and coordination with rapid response teams (RRT) with the aid of the GEO.RITM monitoring system and the Ritm Guard application.

Your security company’s operator can look at the GEO.RITM map and see the location of all RRT, equipped with tablets installed with the Ritm Guard app.

Event log in alarm processing window

In the handling of alarms, GEO.RITM prompts the operator with a list of the closest RRT that can be dispatched to the stationary or mobile protected object.

Rapid response team searching in alarm processing window

When a call is received, the RRT tablet is uploaded with updated information from the facility map in the GEO.RITM system:

  • Object number.
  • Facility description — list of activated sensors.
  • Where to go — address.
  • How to go — its location on the map.
  • What the facility looks like — photo of the object.
  • Names of responsible individuals and their contact information.

This information is only accessible to members of the dispatched force in the process of handling the alarm.

Object details in Ritm Guard application

When a new message appears in the log, a short audio signal sounds.
The app uses a voice alert to sound main events, such as:

  • new incoming call,
  • cancelled call,
  • call conclusion.

There are also voice alerts on the loss and restoration of communication with the monitoring software.

The app displays an alarm-processing log. The RRT operator and members can exchange text messages, which are recorded in the log with an indication of the time. Subject to recording are the call, call acceptance and the RRT’s arrival at the facility, as well as comments and actions by the force and the operator.

Alarm processing log in Ritm Guard application

The app can be used to place a call to the responsible individual or bring up the "Yandex.Navigator" program, which will lay out the RRT’s path to the facility by the optimal route.

In this way, having the Ritm Guard application at your security company will:

  1. Ease the work of operators — processing of the alarm when a call is accepted or when the object is being approached is commented on automatically or by pressing a single button, while identifying the RRTs closest to the object signaling the alarm is greatly simplified.
  2. Allow the operator to see the location of the RRT in real-time.
  3. Eliminate worry over the up-to-dateness of printed information about protected facilities: exhaustive and accurate information is always available on the RRT tablet when an assignment is received.
  4. Give you peace of mind over the safekeeping of your client base: complete information about all protected facilities remains accessible to you alone — it is available to the RRT only for the given facility and only when on a call. What’s more, it is not stored on the tablet itself.
  5. Allow you to trace down to the last second just how the alarm was processed: the log records all events and messages between the operator and the RRT.
  6. Let the operator always know if the RRT has turned off the tablet, closed the app or left the cell coverage area — communications with the RRT are controlled from the monitoring software.
  7. Let the RRT focus on the road — the app announces all critical events by voice alert.
  8. Save the precious time of RRT members spent on dialing the phone number of the responsible person — the call is placed with a single touch.

The Ritm Guard app works with the GEO.RITM monitoring system version 2.4.2 or more recent versions. In order to connect the Ritm Guard app to the GEO.RITM system, the RRT must be created in the menu of the “RRT” administration system, indicating the login and password needed for connection.

New RRT adding using GEO.RITM administration system

Download the app for free right now from the Google Play store.

If you have any questions about how the app works or on how to connect to the GEO.RITM monitoring system, please write to us at support@ritm.ru and we’ll be pleased to help you.