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For guard service companies we have developed a special free version of the GEO.RITM cloud application — GEO.RITM SE.

GEO.RITM SE is a free and handy tool for alarm processing which allows a private guard service company to enhance efficiency of professional staff working time and keep up with the times:

  • to create a unified global security (monitoring) network;
  • to create mobile environment for your staff;
  • to provide additional options for clients;
  • to ensure reliability and security.

GEO.RITM SE is a comprehensive eco-system for guard service company operation including a dispatcher workplace, a client mobile application, a special application for rapid response team. It opens up new opportunities: from creating routes for rapid response teams equiped with Voyager trackers, to deployment of a video monitoring system.

For guard service companies GEO.RITM SE application is provided for free.

Download it right now and take the guard service company operation quality to the next level!

GEO.RITM advantages for a guard service company

Freeware distribution

The guard service company reduces costs on console software. GEO.RITM SE is distributed for free and doesn’t need installation of security keys, free licences and strict
reference to PC.

Operation from anywhere

With GEO.RITM SE the fully-featured security console operates anywhere: the operator needs only a PC with an up-to-date browser and Internet access and telephone communication.

Remote testing
and configuration

For the engineering staff of the guard service company GEO.RITM SE provides remote access to the current details and settings of devices installed at guarded facilities. This reduces more than 30% the need of engineer on-site visits.

Unified security console
for all districts

GEO.RITM SE console and security equipment of the Ritm company combine all branches of the guard service company into a single net. GEO.RITM SE simplifies creation of a Federal guard service company with a shared server located anywhere in the world.

Application for RRT

For rapid response teams GEO.RITM SE offers increasing of response speed and the level of facility awareness.

Additional options for clients

GEO.RITM SE allows a guard service company to provide end users with additional options building loyalty for you company.

You can limit, provide to all or to some clients the set of available services (access to video surveillance cameras, facility current state details, facility event history, alarm notification together with the operator, arming and disarming via mobile application, remote control of connected automatic equipment (heating, lightening etc.) and others). The guard service company could control user activities.

You can provide all these services for free building the client loyalty or at a charge. Its up to you to decide.

Planimetric map

The map shows special icons allowing to identify states of facilities and their guarded areas.
Clicking on the facility shows a callout allowing to remotely arm or disarm the facility.

Stationary equipment location and state in GEO.RITM SE

Event list

The event list shows events received from devices.
Using filtering the dispatcher sees in the event list only required details:
only Alarms or Alarms and Arming / Disarming for example.

Event list

Alarm processing window

The operator process an alarm: performs actions in the order specified by the regulations.
The operator tasks are streamlined by using standard comments predefined in the application.
The operator needs to select the appropriate one.

Unprocessed alarms for Mint from 31st August, 2016

Searching of the nearest RRT

The operator processing the alarm decides if there is a need to dispatch the rapid response team.
The team search results are ordered by distance to the facility.
The dispatcher on his/her own selects and calls the nearest team allowing for traffic delays.
You dont need trackers to locate an RRT. A tablet with Ritm Guard application is enough.

RRT searching using alarm processing window

Communication history of dispatcher and RRT

The system records activities of an on-duty operator and RRTs.
The PSC staff see the whole details from sensor triggering and RRT calling to RRT reporting in the same window.
The history also records the name of the operator processing the alarm.

Alarm processing history and quick note adding window

Route of RRT with tracker

After processing the alarm by the RRT GEO.RITM SE shows the route of the RRT providing it is equiped with a Voyager tracker.
The track shows route points with exact time and all stops.

Track of RRT car equiped with Voyager

Video monitoring

You can get live video and video archive from a guarded facility in GEO.RITM SE.
Live video allows:

  • immediatly judge of circumstances at the facility;
  • make the right decision as to the need to dispatch a rapid response team;
  • get access to the archive of records stored on the security devices.
Video streaming from 4 analog cameras connected to the Contact 15

Event reports

Special reports allows to detect equipment failures and wrong configuration and to reconstruct equipment operation history at a facility.
The guard service company needs to know the full number of events generated by security devices at facilities: may be one of them needs an urgent repair.
The report allows to know the alarm event, the person and the time of arming and disarming the guarded premises.

Event and alarm report

Hardware requirements

CPU Intel (AMD) 64 bit, at least 6 cores
RAM at least 12 Gb
Disc space at least 500 Gb

Software requirements

Windows 7 Professional or higher;
Oracle Virtual Box

GEO.RITM SE system capacity
with minimum hardware requirements

Stationary objects max 1000
Mobile objects max 10
It is possible to scale the GEO.RITM software and to migrate to another version of the GEO.RITM software with greater number of facilities.