GEO.RITM: commercial off-the-shelf solution
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Commercial off-the-shelf solution
based on GEO.RITM and Intel NUC

Specifically for guard service companies we offer the commercial off-the-shelf solution based on the GEO.RITM SE and mini-PC.

The commercial off-the-shelf version is an Intel NU NUC5PPYH mini-PC with the optimized GEO.RITM SE application installed.
This solution based on PC passed a load testing of 1000 guarded facilities.

GEO.RITM SE allows a private security company to keep up with the times:

  • to create mobile environment for its staff;
  • to provide additional options for clients;
  • to ensure reliability and security.

Among standard “guarding” features the commercial off-the-shelf solution allows a guard service company to create tracks and locate positions of vehicles equiped with GPS-trackers. Upon calling an RRT these features allow to find the nearest to the alarmed facility RRT allowing for traffic delays.

For guard service companies GEO.RITM SE application is provided for free: a NUC NUC5PPYH mini-PC is enough.
Also we offer the GEO.RITM SE as an installation image for free.

Advantages of the commercial off-the-shelf solution

With this commercial off-the-shelf solution you get all advantages of the cloud software GEO.RITM SE without additional investments into the company infrastructure.

Moreover the monitoring system is ready for operation: just connect it to your network and specify network settings.

Rather than the GEO.RITM SE image the commercial off-the-shelf solution doesn’t require a virtual computer and knowledge for configuring it and deploying the image.

So your company can ensure that GEO.RITM SE achieves your goals cost effectively. If its features are not enough compared to GEO.RITM SE or the capacity of the guard service company is too high than you can smoothly migrate to the server edition of GEO.RITM.

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