GEO.RITM: iOS-application for iPhone and iPad
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Quick access to devices

The data from the GEO.RITM system will be at your fingertips,
no matter wherever you are.

The GEO.RITM mobile application for iPhone and iPad is an additional user interface that is associated with the GEO.RITM cloud software server and optimized for work with your Apple device.

Object selection
User-friendly search in GEO.RITM application

User-friendly search

It’s as easy as pie to find the required object, for this it is
enough to enter any information in the field "Search",
f. e. the name, number plate, ID, IMEI or VIN-number.

The address and location on map

It is readily to find the location of object by focusing on the map (whether that is a car or real estate).
The window title displays the nearest address and the speed for mobile objects.

Location of the mobile object (car) on the map
Location of the stationary object (apartment) on the map
Voyager current state
Contact control panel current state

The object current state

You are able to get an information about the object current state and recorded events.

For the "Voyager" trackers it is an information about:

  • the date and time of connection to the server with monitoring software;
  • the date and time of coordinates fixing;
  • the power supply type (an on-board power system/battery);
  • the ignition control (if the engine operation sensor is connected);
  • the motion sensor state (if it is supported by the device);
  • the alarm button state (if it is connected).

For the "Contact" security devices it is an information about:

  • he date and time of connection to the server with monitoring software;
  • The device partitions states.

The color-change indicators are simplify the perception of information.

Control from your mobile device

The arming and disarming of real estate can be done directly from your iPhone and iPad.

You are able to turn on and off remotely the vehicles equipment that are connected by outputs and equipped with the "Voyager 2N" trackers.

Arming of the area
Disarming of the area
Tracks list
Selected track is on the map

The traffic route

You are able to go from the movements and parking data to the track on map with an in-one touch and acquaint yourself with the details of one rout or all movements during the day.

Selected track of the day is on the map