Hardwired Control Panels
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Hardwired Control Panels
Hardwired Control Panels
Control panel Contact GSM-5 (GSM-5-2, GSM-5-2 3G)
Control panel has a simple tuning and provides comfortable guarding of the rooms: starting from the studio apartments and cottages till company offices. Contact GSM-5 is a time checked security and fire alarm system: hundred thousand of devices were produced and have been working from 2010 all around Russia.
Control panel Contact GSM-9N with built-in keypad
In those cases when the secured object has only one access point, Contact GSM-9N is the most effective way to arm it with security device. Its key feature is compact size and low price. The fact that it is placed in one case with keypad makes it compact, the price is the result of merging these devices.
Kit for protection of payment terminals and ATM
Kit for protection of payment terminals and cash machines (ATM). New equipment kit for protection payment terminals and cash machines (ATM) will permit You to obtain timely alarm signal about breaking and unauthorized movement of the cash machine (ATM). Power supply module and control panel are made in separate compact cases specially for their installation in the limited space of the cash machine (ATM).