Wireless sensors and devices
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Wireless sensors and devices
Wireless sensors and devices
Wi-Fi facilities to connect with the control panels and communicate with GEO.RITM
Wi-Fi devices are designed to increase the capabilities of
Contact GSM-16 and Contact GSM-14 Wi-Fi security panels operating in the same computer network. For network equipment with Internet access, the accessories in the GEO.RITM monitoring system are standalone devices. This makes it possible to configure them remotely and to control them directly without using security panels.
RDD1, RDD2 and RDD3 magnetic contact radio sensors
Installing a magnetic contact sensor (for window and door opening) on windows or doors is the simplest and the most reliable way to receive information about unauthorized access to the guarded facility. RDD1, RDD2 and RDD3 magnetic contact radio sensors produced by the Ritm Company operate via a radio channel, which allows to reduce the number of wires.